Island Time Meets Managing Expectations

Last trip the hose outside was our shower head and the palm in the backyard was my squaty potty.

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Here I am about to be off on another travel adventure and I know I’m supposed to be ready for anything. After all the last podcast was all about expecting the unexpected. 

But I’m not. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m super stoked to be going back to our sweet little house and the adventure that awaits us there. One of which is the house itself. Last trip the hose outside was our shower head and the palm in the backyard was my squaty potty. But by the end of that visit Don, my sweet husband, had fixed the plumbing so we could flush the toilet and bathe in the shower. It’s habitable for us but for guests… not really.

Unfortunately, when I invited my surf gang of two to join us, I had assumed the cabinet guy would have the kitchen completed. After all, in October he took measurements and had us pick out our colors and materials. Ha! Not so fast young grasshopper unwise to the ways of island living. 

So instead of countertops to place things on and a sink to wash things in, a fold up plastic table will masquerade as cabinets. Hopefully the coffee maker and the toaster oven won’t melt it. And back out to the hose we go for rinsing plates, bowls and coffee mugs. Not exactly the comfort I was expecting to share with my besties.

Hopefully that first night we can eat at our favorite restaurant La Copa Llena. It’s perched on the Caribbean Sea with a sunset view that nearly brings you to your knees. Somehow it takes the road weary, 9-to-5 mind and puts it in vacation mode quicker than anything we’ve found thus far.  

I mean with stellar surf, warm water and killer sunsets what more do you really need? Okay well you need patience and a strong bladder to wait your turn for the one bathroom shared by three women and one poor fella. But other than that, all you need is a sense of humor and the wisdom to catalog this adventure for another episode of shits and giggles. 

One thing you might have noticed about me is I’ve never minded being the butt of a joke, if I make you laugh. I’ve always enjoyed mining stories from past escapades and failures to bring joy or camaraderie with a friend. It’s kind of wild how Ash and I have opened up our community through this podcast and now have the privilege to share these funny stories with you.  

Expecting the Unexpected is a learned behavior. And we’re still learning! Listen to Episode 11.

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