Adventure 201

Post Session Notes  Road trip to Holden Beach  The Ashley show  Injustice of the Week  Wardrobe malfunction  Dive Deeper  Why Ashley hates passion  Laurel loves magic  What is a “dream date”?  Is God a genie?  Imposter syndrome  God Waters  Genesis: Joseph the brat  Homework  Complete respective writing assignments (Surfer Magazine, Super Bis Sis vs. Baby-Zilla): …

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Adventure 101

Intros Post Session Notes- Hurricane swell from Humberto  Getting Sketched  Big fat chunky waves in drifty swells.  The injustice of the week:  Lack of ladies in Surfer magazine’s list of writers and photographers.  Diving Deeper We love water and everything fun and worthwhile happens on the water.   Our mutual quest for adventure and the life …

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Jump In!

The Water is Just Fine…

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