Ashley Chapman-Host

Ashley relishes a life of adventure.  She appreciates the perspective life on the water provides.  Six months out of the year she travels around the Caribbean on her trimaran, Jade with her husband, Ren, and two small children (Ani, 6 and Cape 2). The Chapman family funds their half year expedition by freediving.  Co-owning and operating the freediving company, Evolve Freediving, Ashley and Ren teach people the art of breathold diving. Ashley also enjoys a healthy dose of competition having procured three world records and seventeen national records in the sport..  

When she’s home in Wilmington, NC she enjoys talking into the mic with her buddy and mentor, Laurel.  The pair became fast friends, unknowingly at the time to Laurel, when she encouraged Ashley during her baptism.  Having doubts about her worthiness to become baptised Laurel simply pushed her off the cliff. After that, and a summer of surf lessons per Laurel, the two came to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Sharing a love of writing it was only a matter of time before the obvious next step…a podcast showcasing their mutual love (and hate) of the water.

Laurel Senick-Host

When Laurel walked into the library looking for a novel with surfing, she was surprised to find only a few and not one with a female protagonist. It was then she decided to write her own. Wave riding along Wrightsville Beach is where she begins to spark and sputter with ideas. Out of her passion flows quirky characters that dance across the pages and of course lots of surf action. She has passion, perseverance and panic to get her through the minefield of novel writing. She’s committed to doing what it takes to finish well, and by the grace of God, get published.  

Her first film production job was Craft Service, the snack lady that was not afraid to take out the trash or scoop horse poop to make connections; and eventually got hired to work in the camera department. Her own first film called “Any Given Morning” is a documentary film about surfing and the unique, often comedic community that surfs her break. Her no job too small attitude really paid off while producing, directing, along with much of the shooting and editing of this no-budget film. Budget-Smudget. It was in multiple film festivals winning audience choice awards. Laurel has a colorful, well-rounded perspective to bring to the podcast table. She resides in Wilmington, NC with her sweet hot molten lava husband Don and together they surf life’s waves with love and enthusiasm.

Ren Chapman-Producer

The “Daddy Man”, Ren has taken on the difficult position of web designer, editor, consultant and the behind the scenes person keeping the ladies from going nuts with concern.

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