Writer, Runner, Recovering Addict Charlie Engle on the Limits of Human Suffering

Show Notes

The girls could not be thankful enough for this interview! Endurance athlete legend, Charlie Engle, joins the ladies to talk about running across the Sahara Desert, ultramarathons, surviving addiction and his newest adventures. The quote below from Charlie’s bio best expresses his nature and the essence of the interview.

I try not to take myself too seriously despite the fact that I undoubtedly take on serious challenges. I love adventure and I am fueled by testing myself to do things that push the far reaches of my ability, both physically and mentally. My chosen endeavors sometimes seem impossible and are often wrought with pain and even failure. Yet I’ve discovered that if I employ humor and laugh in the face of the grimmest of circumstances, I will survive and even enjoy almost anything.

Charlie Engle




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