The Medicinal Value of Water with Avid Hunter and Waterman John Dornellas

Show Notes

Father, hunter, freediver, instructor John Dornellas speaks to PSP about his recent time in the water collecting megalodon teeth. John dives into a conversation about what it’s like to harvest from the land to provide for his family. Living in both North Carolina and Alaska John and his family enjoy God’s creation both above and under the water.

By using his many gift as a freediving instructor John has helped countless people from the special forces, first response units, and addiction recovery to begin to overcome their PTSD or other afflictions. Through some of his breathold techniques, John exposes the conflicting “animal vs. logical” brain and uses the water as medicine to begin the healing process for his students as well as himself through his journey recovering from the loss of his brother.



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FII: Freediving Instructor

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