Oceanographer and Explorer, Dr. David Gallo Graces the Stage

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A leviathan of ocean exploration David Gallo is an enthusiastic ambassador between the sea and those of us on dry land. From uncovering the Titanic to finding the downed Air France flight. From TED Talks to Smart Start of New Hanover County Dr. David Gallo has entertained all audiences with his stories of exploration. A pioneer of ocean exploration and well rounded educator the ladies sit down and enjoy the insights of David Gallo. PSP is convinced Gallo is equal parts oceanographer and philosopher. Thank you so much to Jen Gallo for pointing him in our direction!



Smart Start of New Hanover County

Buell Wetsuits

1 thought on “Oceanographer and Explorer, Dr. David Gallo Graces the Stage”

  1. Ann Parke Hughes

    I just think David is so very interesting! I’ve listened twice to this podcast, and think his life has such a lesson in it for us to learn from!! Maybe it’s my years of teaching school that enthralled me, about how once he found his passion, how he just “bloomed” as a student! That’s a really important thing that he shared, as well as all of the interesting projects he has participated in. Thank y’all for enlightening me with the things I’ve learned from this session of your great PostSession Podcast!!!
    Ann Parke Hughes

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