Behind the Scenes With a Private Investigator

Show Notes

The girls go behind the scenes with Chris Bradley, a real PI! Chris, a long distance runner, among other things, has a “made for TV” job description and is on the show with the painful task of setting the girls straight on what really goes on in the work day of a private investigator. Though he spends most of his time under cover, chasing perps and staking out potential crime scenes he still finds time to surf, just like Johnny Utah. Chris crushes Keanu Reeves on style points though! He sports a white surfboard complete with a cop stach and glasses. He’s a little more visible on the water than on the job….


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1 thought on “Behind the Scenes With a Private Investigator”

  1. Ann Parke Hughes

    Oh WOW‼️ This was so interesting‼️ Loved the story about the “watch cow”!!! It’s so great to be able to see the show and not just listen‼️ Thanks for all you both do to make an informative and interesting show!
    Laurel’s mom♥️

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