Curvy Surfer Girl on Body Image and Breaking the Mold

Show Notes

Curvy Surfer Girl, Elizabeth is not just a pretty face. She has a laundry list of accomplishments from defense lobbying to John McCain. Along the way she garnered experience in grassroots campaigning which in turn allowed her to organize and mobilize the Curvy Surfer Girl movement. The movement aims to challenge the status quo in the surf industry in terms of images and representation. Surfing, freediving and life in general are for every BODY and why don’t the major surf companies see this? Tune in to be uplifted and feel worthy in your own skin for whatever challenges you enjoy.


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1 thought on “Curvy Surfer Girl on Body Image and Breaking the Mold”

  1. Ann Parke Hughes

    I sure did enjoy hearing g your guest speaker! What a great spirit, and how wonderful for her to stand up to what she believes!♥️

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