Miguel “El Guapo” Lozano, Spanish Freediving Champion

The second deepest man in the world joins the ladies to discuss the in’s and out’s of the sport of freediving. Miguel Lozano is Spain’s top diver and a really fun guy. He engages not only in world and national record status dives but speaks corporately, travels constantly and has a family which includes a wife and two kids. Oh yeah, he can hold his breath 8:00 and dive to 122 meters! Ash and Laurel are grateful that Miguel can take some time out to talk shop with a full plate like that.

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Post Session Notes

Miguel: He’s been trying to find a balance between teaching, training and family. Covid has been keeping him from his usual travels.

Ash: No training and comps (no sailing) because of covid. Just returned from teaching in the Florida springs where she and her family dove with the manatees. Plans to return end of March.

Laurel: It’s cold and even she’s getting weak. Laurel’s been keeping fit at the Y.

Injustice of the week

Brought to us by father of two, Miguel. The effects of the pandemic on children. Plus the international hangover we will have once this thing is done and the world is open! Party sponsored by Gatorade?

Dive Deeper

Ash and Miguel recap his 122m FIM dive at Caribbean Cup 2018. What a beautiful picture they paint!

Miguel and Ash agree that if their kids want to dive deep they WILL be accompanied by one of their parents.

Miguel discusses how having children affects his deep career. Exhaustion…shocker!

Organized comp vs. Mini comps/record attempts. Pros and Cons

Miguel talks about his experiences speaking corporately. He uses freediving as a talking point to discuss anxiety awareness and control. He talks sports psychology. “Loss of Power”.

Knowledge, technique, safety. The three components of freediving.

Freediving is for everyone!

God Waters

Miguel discusses looking for power wherever he can find it. Laurel reminds us that we’re all believers in the fox hole!

The three get a little deep concerning the advent of religion.

Psalm 42:7

Miguel thinks people are drawn to freediving for the inner exploration and the contact with their animal side.

Sharks vs. whales.


By Miguel: Take 5 or 10 minutes a day and learn to breathe again. Diaphragmatic breathing in a comfortable place, without distractions, every day. Just try it!


Miguel Lozano Website



Apnea Canarias

Pressure Mini Doc

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