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When Ren invited pro surf vet, CJ Hobgood, on the podcast the girls were stoked. There’s nothing quite like getting perspective from someone who has been to the top. But this discussion turned into so much more. Surfing opened the door for CJ to share his real gifting with the world. PSP holed up in a rented tiny house in Orlando, FL for this session. The close quarters left little room for hot air, allowing the crew to get right down to the heart of matters. Boy are the girls grateful for this opportunity… and we hope you will be too!

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Post Session Notes

CJ: Catching some fun waves with fellow rippers. Loving the comradery. He talks about the coffin. When there’s no surf, he swims.

They talk about the performance lifestyle and adjusting to life after leaving that behind. Running has been an awesome transition for CJ.

Ash: Our kids swam with the manatees in Florida. We also talk turtle soup.

Laurel: It’s been too cold but she’s been surfing anyway. Laurel takes the birthday wave challenge, 42 waves for Kristen’s birthday. Happy birthday Kristen!

Injustice of the week

The war of attrition is real. We’re all fighting the battle against the human heart. 1. What is your mission field? 2. How do you show up for others? Speak the truth in love.

Dive Deeper

The crew talk about the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of surfing and just about everything else.

Want to know how to become the world’s best surfer? Just surf a lot. It’s that easy people.

How does CJ stay mentally grounded? Being thankful…go figure.

Laurel talks about the virtues of authorship.

Turns out Salty Crew is starting a women’s line. About dang time!

God Waters

Ash asks about CJ being an anomaly amongst surfers because of his Christianity.

Joe Penovich and Dean’s Blue Hole.

Laurel and CJ talk about crucifying your gifting to see how much the Father loves you.

Honesty equals freedom.

They talk about false spirituality and idols. CJ suggests, “Ask the creator.”


Take an adventure with the creator and ask him what his design is. -CJ

Uh oh, it doesn’t stop with homework. CJ asks a poignant question to the ladies. He wants to know how they interpret the misuse of power by men.


CJ Hobgood Instagram

Salty Crew

And Two if by Sea- Documentary

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