Hawaii East

Pour yourself some coffee, sit back, and enjoy this light episode full of surf talk, stoke and Christmas carols! Listen in as Laurel and Ashley host three other ladies on this episode, their highest interviewee count ever. They talk about Post Session Podcast’s last surf adventure to Puerto Rico, Hawaii East. They also invite a girl in who is going on the next adventure. With airfare cheap and the Post Sesh casa open for business there’s no limits to the jet setting that will happen for the crew.

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Characters: Ashley, Laurel, Grom, Jules, Charlotte

Post Session Notes

Laurel- PR as a surf destination, Hawaii East, inexpensive flights, 3hr 15min flight

Ashley talks about flying to Hawaii with a 6 month old

Grom- Short trip to PR, same weather we have on East Coast, familiarity 

Jules- Easy flight, great waves, locals made her feel welcome, traveling with girls make it easier to simulate, 

Charlotte- In the water her entire life which is only 19 years, preparing for the trip, happy to be going with the other girls

Injustice of the week

Jules- Covid 19 is bringing out the dumb friends, covid test should be done between the 5th-7th day after being exposed to someone Covid positive.   


Dive Deeper

The girls talk about surfing out of their comfort zones

Jules-talk about being a world traveler

Grom- traveling and surfing different/bigger waves and coming out of the comfort makes home surfing easier

Girls talk about the fear of hitting the reef and Jules discusses hitting the reef of PR

Ashley talks about freediving dangers which are diving alone. Complacency in any sport

Traveling immerses you in what your doing creating focus on the task

Grom- stress is removed when traveling so you can focus

Ashley- discusses normally life verses focusing on a goal like the freediving records

Grom talks about flying to Mexico for surf and the the trouble you can get in to and the shake down the authorities gave them

Puerto Rico is a safe zone for surf travel

God Waters

The girls talk about Christmas songs they love

Ashley likes the song “Emanuel”

Laurel likes the song “Mary Did You Know”

Charlotte also likes and sings at her home church “Emanuel”

Jules likes Wham’s “Last Christmas”

Grom’s favorite Christmas song is the “Charlie Brown Christmas”

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