Philosophy of Surfing, Politics and Injustice with Peter Maguire

Laurel and Ashley loved talking to Peter Maguire so much they cannot wait to have him back. What did they talk to him about exactly? The verdict is still out. This episode, full of digression and boasting the longest running time so far still manages to keep your attention as the trio talk philosophy, politics, surf, surf more surf, war crimes, martial arts, affluenza and basically everything else. No stone is left unturned.

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Peter, Malibu Colony 1982

Post Session Notes

-Laurel just got back from Puerto Rico and talks about the waves. Turns out they were good.

-Peter has been surfing locally with his sons. The surf was surprisingly powerful but fun. Peter hates ego and crowds so tries to hit spots that are less occupied. That’s a tall order in Wrightsville Beach.

-Growing up surfing in California, Peter learned proper Taliban mentality, which he admits isn’t the most fun way to do it.

-Peter tells us about his reckoning in relation to surfing.

-He almost drowned as a child!

-They digress into a discussion about martial arts among other things. Peter teaches martial arts.

-Turns out, body surfing is awesome!

-Ash talks about the Florida Springs and her last trip there.

-They get back to surfing and how to teach kids to love it.

-Peter saves a life in the Outer Banks, but could’ve taken one. Then he sees a butt.

Peter and his sons in Baja, 2014

Injustice of the Week

-Peter hates when people paddle for a wave, miss it, then try for the next one. Go to the end of the line!

-Also, learn the rules of the game and earn your spot in the lineup. Have some respect.

-Peter tells a crazy story about a head-on collision in Baja.

-Laurel quizzes Peter on surf etiquette in regards to board size.

North Shore, 2000

Dive Deeper

-They go a bit deeper and talk about moral law.

-Peter is a First Amendment absolutist. Discomfort is an important part of the socratic method.

-What’s wrong with the kids today? For that matter, what’s wrong with our education, infrastructure and political system?

– Eroding the foundation and corruption. Peter prefers blatant corruption.

-Silicon Valley and social media. The Social Dilemma and ethics.

-“The strong do what they have to do and the weak bear what they must.”

– Peter talks about socialism, capitalism and identity politics.

-“A good game of pool is the sign of a gentleman. A great game is the sign of a wasted life.” -Winston Churchill…maybe.

-They’ve already decided they need another shot talking to Peter Maguire.

-Peter shares his writing methodology.

-They finally talk a bit about Peter’s experiences in Cambodia and his research regarding the Khmer Rouge and the genocide of the regime.

Peter, Wrightsville Beach, recent

God Waters

-Luke 6:19-20

-They talk about how Jesus interacted with the poor, the least of these.

-Peter introduces us to “affluenza”.


-Write every day if you’re a writer!

-Peter’s mother assigns timed writing prompts to his kids. All assignments must be read out loud. The timed assignment kills the critics voice.

-He’s writing some fiction for Hollywood now. Stay tuned…

-Surfing homework: swim, body surf, don’t wear a cord.



-Dolphin Glide by George Greenough

-Law and War by Peter Maguire

-Thai Stick by Peter Maguire

-The Social Dilemma

-Breathe, A Life in Flow by Rickson Gracie with Peter Maguire

-Facing Death in Cambodia-CSPAN, Peter Maguire

2 thoughts on “Philosophy of Surfing, Politics and Injustice with Peter Maguire”

  1. Miles Abernathy

    Great job you three!! I loved Peter’s response to Laurel’s question when talking about surfing this summer.. – Laurel: ” So what did you do” – Peter: “I ran him over” hahahaha

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