Making the Most of Your Free Time with Dave Baker

Again, please welcome Dave Baker to the PSP studio! He tells the ladies they’re gluttons for punishment for having him on twice but with a CV like his, one episode just scratches the surface. This time the ladies talk to Dave about some of the exciting things he’s done. There’s mention of watercolor painting, helicopter rides, and the secret service. This guy lives a full life and he’ll inspire you to think about what you want to do with your spare time (after you finish watching Queen’s Gambit on Netflix that is).

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Post Session Notes

-Dave talks about the watercolor paintings he’s been making from his photography.

-Laurel is a writer and talks about her documentary, her book and the new short film she’s working up with Ash.

-Ash has been out of the water but is looking forward to the Cenotes Adventure this year. She has enjoyed watching Ani start her sailing lessons.

Injustice of the Week

-Masonboro is NOT a secret spot. Your hosts are tired of everyone thinking Masonboro is a secret surf spot. They’re even more annoyed that people have so much ownership over something they don’t own.

-Take home message, be kind to your neighbor and let them play. Just show them the house rules first.

Dive Deeper

-Dave is the most interesting person in the world! He starts with his helicopter rescue excursions. Have you ever been suspended by a harness 100′ over water by a moving helicopter? He has!

-They talk about Dave’s experiences with the Bush era secret service.

-The conversation takes a slightly dark turn as they talk about the training needed to survive emotionally after a survival experience.

-Ash talks about Nick’s death and Ren’s involvement.

-And an even darker turn…social media and our need for business to satisfy social pressures.

God Waters

-Romans 5:3

-What does hope mean?

-The 24 hour rule and why it’s awesome!


-Try the 24 hour rule!


Any Given Morning: Doc by Laurel

Dave Baker on Instagram

Cenotes Adventure

Blockade Runner Sailing School

Brotherhood of the Fin: Book by Jerry Hoover

Ocean Rescue, Making the Squad: Movie about WB ocean rescue

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