Protect Yourself with Talita Mauro

This time the ladies Break Bad with fellow freediver, Talita Mauro. Talita talks about self defense, especially for women. She discusses the psychology behind victimization and introduces us to her alter ego, Vanessa. Talita is originally from Brazil and began training Krav Maga as a teenager in her home country. She brings intensity and philosophy to the conversation all based on her life experiences. Also, don’t forget, Post Session Podcast is hosting a their first FREE event with Talita. A women’s self defense seminar slated for November 7, 10:00am at Wrightsville Beach, NC. Email with interest or for details.

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Post Session Notes

-Talita describes her experiences going through the freediving and Krav Maga instructor programs.

-Ash starts to talk about a time she felt unsafe but then changes course and talks about the time she hit someone. She is still not proud of this! Laurel had an open palm slap experience and the guy thanked her later!

-Talita gets the ladies back on track and reminds them about PTSD and the negatives of altercation. Avoidance is the #1 rule.

-Laurel visited Jim Morrison’s grave and talks about the safety of the surf culture.

Injustice of the Week

-Around 50% of violent encounters occur in the home. This sucks! The ladies get deep into it. Why does this happen?

Dive Deeper

-Talita discusses how she got into Krav Maga

-What is Krav Maga and why is it white male dominated?

-Talita expresses her passion for bringing this method of self defense to those who need it the most: women.

-They discuss the objectification of women.

-There’s a debate between basic Christian values and the more secular views of female sexuality. Interesting!

-Dissolving the system of male dominance.

-Cultures of infidelity.

-Laurel was abducted!

God Waters

-Luke 23:34

-Speaking of a patriarchial society, Jesus was the first social justice pioneer for women.


-Listen to Pretty Deadly Podcast (link below)


Pretty Deadly Podcast

National Domestic Violence Hotline

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Self training for survival

Article “How a Krav Maga Class Gave Me More Than Self-Defense”

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1 thought on “Protect Yourself with Talita Mauro”

  1. As always, such interesting info! The self defense ideas were very helpful! Since I’m headed toward 80 years old my next birthday, I would have to use my loudest screaming voice instead of my body‼️ In this session, Laurel told the story, that has been told to her by me, about the time she was almost abducted!! It was the most frightening event of my life, and I did RUN toward the man screaming at top of my lungs, “Stop that man!!! He’s got my baby!!!” Thanks be to God, the outcome was a good one♥️
    Being very aware of your surroundings was certainly sound advice that y’all discussed‼️ That’s so important in every situation!
    Ashley and Laurel, keep up your good work!!!
    Laurel’s mom, Ann Parke Hughes

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