Weathering the Storm with Dave Baker

*All photos courtesy of our guest, Dave Baker. His inspired artwork is featured on his Instagram page.

*This episode includes an announcement for Post Session Podcast’s first free event: Self Defense with Talita Mauro.

Where to start? With a guest like Dave Baker and his incredible CV it is hard to narrow the conversation. The ladies started by chatting about his ocean rescue experiences on WB. They get into a conversation about high performance athletes and their mindsets. Dave opens up about his congenital heart condition and life after near death. He also digresses into some pretty awesome rescue stories including lightning strikes.

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Post Session Notes

-Dave had a little sunrise prone paddle session. He gushes about his training partner and their 9 years of sunrises together. Dave reminds us to stop and watch the sunrise.

-Laurel asks, “Is it safe to surf alone?” Her mom doesn’t think so. As the water rescue expert, Dave says you have to weigh the risk vs. the reward. Stay sharp and have fun but choose your days.

-Ash talks about how she deals with fear during deep dives. Fixate on the next step. Break the dive down into manageable pieces so you don’t have time to think about the fear. We all agree, a little fear makes us feel alive.

Injustice of the Week

-So, Dave hates when people feed the seagulls. Laurel may smother you in sand if she sees you do it! Ash tells the story of when she was pooped on by a seagull.

Dive Deeper

-Dave Baker was instrumental in having surf zones moved at WB making life safer and way more fun.

-Do surfers save lives? Turns out they do! Dave tells us all about some of his experiences: 212 rescues on WB in one day! One rip current flushed 22 people out at one time. Surfers rose to the occasion, jumping in where they could.

-The trio talks about keeping calm under pressure. How do you maintain your mental state in high stress situations, rescues, physical activities, etc.

-Give your mind something to eat or it will eat itself.

-Dave talks about his congenital heart condition, his near death experience and setting the stage for the rest of his life.

-Our guest reminds us that we’re an “experiment of one”. We can be participants in our lives and discover our own limitations.

-Dave gives us advice on how to safely manage a paddle over to Masonboro Island. He lays out the considerations and eases Laurel’s mind.

-Lightning strikes are no joke! Take them seriously. Dave pulls the lifeguards off the beach when lightning is within 10 miles.

God Waters

-Isaiah 40:28

-The word speaks on strength, both internal and external.

-When we look in scripture we see how God turns nobodies into somebodies through his supernatural power.


-Sit back and take the time to appreciate what you have.

-Find a calm moment and hop off the hamster wheel.


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-Weather Bug

-Lightning Tracker

-DB Photographic Art (Dave Baker’s awesome shots on Instagram)

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