Your Garden’s Bounty, and what to do with it.

Summer in NC is spectacular! Plants thrive because of our long growing season and what is better than talking about food? Nothing! The ladies talk about the bounty of summer. They start by talking about what they eat after freediving and surfing but then digress into a discussion about the end of summer abundance. They share recipes and food ideas so nothing goes to waste. Oh yeah, and thank you so much Sandy Errante for your support!!

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Honduran pineapples are the best, or so I thought.Laurel’s homegrown version blew my mind.

Post Session Notes

-Ash talks about the weekly gastronomic experience she has when she meets Laurel to podcast. Laurel always provides a spread, straight from the garden.

-What do you eat to recover from a freedive training session? You might like what you hear! She also shares her family favorite, Nutty Monkey.

-Laurel doesn’t drink coffee before surfing…what? But don’t worry, right after. She also talks about the benefits of salting your water!

Injustice of the Week

-Flavored coffee and creamers. Overall, barf! Wakey wakey to fakey fakey, not cool.

Laurel’s garden isn’t just full of food.

Dive Deeper

-Summer in NC is spectacular! Our long growing season means an abundance of vegetables.

-Figs and berries

-What to do with tomatoes: salsas, tomato pie, tomato sandwiches

-Cucumbers: continuous cucumber salad

-What can you grow all year long

-You can freeze your boiled peanuts

-Melons: you can salt them

God Waters

-Mathew 5:13

-“…be salt seasoning…”

-What is food without salt? As Christians we insert ourselves as salt seasoning.


-Ash: Try a veggie plate for supper, no meat allowed.

-Laurel: Plant a fall garden. At least start planning.


-The Splendid Table

-What’s in your Coffee Creamer

-Taming the Heat of Peppers

-Chef and the Farmer: Collard Green Dolmathes

Lucas Nelson: “Turn off the News”

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  1. I just went back to listen to this episode again as I often do! Each podcast is so interesting and informative‼️ Plus as I’ve commented before, as your mom, I just love hearing your voice and your beautiful, contagious laugh❤️❤️❤️

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