The Midas Touch with Stuart Foreman

The ladies welcome Stuart Foreman to the studio. Stuart is an old friend of Ashley’s but most impressively, as if that’s not enough, a local entrepreneur with a ton of advice for you. Stuart talks about how he has steadily and successfully grown his welding business, how he’s moving into acquisitions for future growth potential and the lameness of people trying to pull one over on you in business. Stuart also tells the heartwarming story of how he recently acquired his late father’s first sportfishing boat. Al’s Gal is currently turning heads and turning profits for Stuart in the Outer Banks. Man, this guy really does have the Midas touch.

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Now this guy is a professional!

Post Session Notes

-Laurel has been surfing non-stop! She’s getting ready for the big show. She’s feeling swell, swell, swell.

-Ash reminisces about her experience with Stuart at Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas. Here’s where the backflip story comes in!

-Stuart talks about his charter boat, Al’s Gal. Double header blue marlins on that boat!

Injustice of the Week

-The Wayfair scandal

-Scary at the time but most accusations have been reported as false since this recording.

-Sidenote, Stuart makes 15 year olds cry.

Dive Deeper

-Find something you enjoy and that you’re good at. Stuart is a firm believer in the trades.

-Laurel describes the forest through the trees. She’s super poetic.

-Stuart talks about the limitations of wage when you work for someone else.

-Spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as work/life balance.

-Um…how can he hate fiction? That’s a serious friendship setback!

-Stuart’s philosophy: Grind, Grow, Chill

-Stuart prefers a more traditional route to retirement

-He talks about acquisition as the biggest potential contributor to the Grow phase.

-Stuart also talks about the importance of transitioning from micro managing to delegation.

-He throws Ren under the bus in regards to parenting Ani. He’s so confused!

-Ruminations on the backstabbing, undercutting nature of entrepreneurship.

-Apprenticeships are the wave of the future: Earn as you learn…

-Stuart talks about the coronavirus just a bit, not too much.

God Waters

-Devo by Timothy Keller

-Proverbs 1:1, Proverbs of Solomon are for gaining wisdom

-Making the right choices even when there aren’t laws that tell us what to do. Who to marry?

-Are there good and moral people that are unwise?


-Stuart: set up your goals and go after them but keep your hand close. Your friends and family can derail you.

-Be as good as you can at what you love to do if you want to make money doing it.


-High Speed Welding

-Al’s Gal Sportfishing

-Fish Fab Hunt

-Small Biz Tips Podcast: Stuart Foreman

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