Hobby or Job? With Jo Pickett

The ladies are joined by long time surfer and friend of Laurel’s, Jo Pickett. She’s a surf coach, mentor and organizes the Wahine (women’s only) surf contest. Jo also has a knack for turning her hobby into work. Ashley has done the same thing with freediving and Laurel hopes to do this with her writing. But what are the pros and cons? Will you end up hating your hobby or is “doing what you love” really all it sounds like it’s cracked up to be? Listen in, find out and most importantly, enjoy the ride.

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Local legend, Jo Pickett

Post Session Notes

-Jo finds that having come back to NC from Costa Rica she has to re-learn how to surf our home waves again. She says, “If you learn to surf here, you can surf anywhere!”

-Laurel gets advice from Jo about taking turns on the waves.

-Ash gives free advice to teach your kids to swim. Just add water!

Injustice of the Week

-Ash hates on the word “passion” again.

-The girls talk about the cliche to do what you love. Sometimes you just gotta get a job.

-Jo reminds us of the importance of the trades.

Is this lady cool or what?

Dive Deeper

-Jo turned her hobby into work on accident. She worked at Corning and was pushed into coaching by popular demand.

-She talks about the joys of coaching and mentoring as her wisdom progresses.

-Ash has a similar story regarding her start into freediving education and swim lessons. Another accident.

-They chat about the transition from a “real job” into physical fitness into surf lessons. How did it logically happen?

-How about burn out? It’s a real thing so how do you cope when your hobby is also your job?

-Laurel talks about building rapport with kids. She also talks about her inspiration for her first novel, Foam!

-Maybe the secret to monetizing your hobby is not trying to monetize your hobby. Go in slowly and gain some knowledge ahead of time.

-Uh oh, they’re back on goal setting!

God Waters

-Hebrews 13:5

-Be free from the love of money and be content. God’s got your back! A fair reminder….


-Be content and keep things slow. This ensures a healthy attitude and better growth and sustainability.


Wahine Classic

Crystal South Surf Camp

Laurel on Inspiration Lab

1 thought on “Hobby or Job? With Jo Pickett”

  1. I always love listening! Honestly because I love hearing our daughter, Laurel’s voice and laughter! I always enjoy hearing Ashley’s wisdom about various topics too. Listening to Jo, your guest today, I thought how much I’d love to meet her! She brought lots of wisdom from living life to light, which, I thought was very interesting!!
    Great podcast as always❤️

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