Me vs. We

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The individual vs. collectivism. In this time of covid unrest it’s an interesting subject to ponder. The ladies chat with Tony Puente aka Tio Tony. Tio Tony is an awesome surfer, good friend and neuropsychologist who knows a thing or two about human behavior and has extensive experience in both individualistic societies like we have here in the US and also collectivist cultures such as his birth country of Cuba and Grenada. Tio Tony drops knowledge in relation to the societal types and how our culture may be affecting the current pandemic situation.

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Post Session Notes

-Tio Tony says the salt water is the perfect prescription for a chaotic world.

-Laurel especially loves the post session coffee talks and gushes about the weeks surprise wave action.

-Ash lets everyone in on her experiences diving in Cuba. Tio Tony chimes in on the virgin quality of Cuba’s coral reefs.

S/V Jade in Cuba. Ren looking down at the coral below.

Injustice of the Week

-Tio Tony says the greatest injustice is that we’ve misunderstood the meaning of democracy. We have forgotten that we have the responsibility to do the right thing when we have the freedom to do our own thing.

Dive Deeper

-Laurel talks about the Benjamin House and it’s positive impact. It was created as a result of an individualist mindset.

-Tio tells a story about getting arrested and detained in El Salvador for being in Spain during covid. The severe El Salvador lockdown means they’ve all but eradicated covid.

-Belize calls the US out for politicizing the virus.

-Uh oh, Tony suggests that the real issue is a problem of personal responsibility. He also mentions that some of the most successful countries, in terms of covid eradication, are lead by females! Yes!

-Laurel discusses the differences between a true democracy vs. a republic.

-Are Christians more collective because of the teachings of Jesus? Turns out they’re….

-Are we a diverse country?

God Waters

-Luke 6:27, love your enemies

-Laurel gets deep into our call to love our enemies regardless

-Ash discusses the three rules of life by Skye Jethani.

-Tony brings us full circle!


-Tio Tony says, every day make sure you leave the world slightly better than when you entered it.


Benjamin House

Skye Jethani

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