Etiquette (Part 2)

Yep, they’re talking about etiquette again. The ladies love to rant about manners so listen up and learn! Ashley and Laurel are in coffee heaven with their respective mixes and dis Maxwell House but hope they don’t offend anyone…too much. They’re mad about mooring limits in Wrightsville Beach. Ash talks about boat etiquette, a must listen and Laurel warns us about paddle battle. And for goodness sake, turn your music down in public! And if you’re still confused about driving in the left hand lane, please listen.

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Post Session Notes

-Laurel and surf buds put on a memorial at the north end of Wrightsville Beach (WB). Told some stories and paddled out together.

-The water has been crystal clear and clean.

-Ash gives some freediving advice: it’s bad manners to choose a fish over your buddy. Dive in buddy teams with one gun when you’re spearfishing. Be a good buddy and learn to share all at the same time.

Injustice of the Week

-No anchoring for more than 30 days in WB…boooo! There’s gotta be a better rule, a compromise. Ash and Laurel are going to get to the bottom of it.

-Mooring balls for WB anyone??

Dive Deeper

-Ash points out boat etiquette-wake speed. Learn the right speed for your boat to make minimal people upset.

-Laurel reminds us that longer boards catch more waves. Be polite and give some up if you’re on a longer board.

-Avoid the paddle battle, look both ways and have some situational awareness.

-Music volume. Turn it down in public. On the boat, on the beach, in the car, on the plane, just turn your junk down because it’s rude when you’re in public.

-Come on guys, are we still driving in the fast lane?

-What about masking? The ladies try to decode the actual rule vs. what we should be doing socially.

God Waters

-Ephesians 4:13-15

-Since we can’t all get along, can we just agree to disagree? How do we disagree but still honor the other person.

-Speaking the truth in love has definitely been misconstrued.


-Listeners, comment on our website, or social media platforms to shed some light on what we’ve talked about. What are your most important etiquette values?


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