Etiquette (Part 1)

Ashley’s back in town and the girls are live. Plus, this episode includes their first interview, Jill Kanney the new girl! Are you tired of rude people? Do you suspect you may be crossing some etiquette lines yourself? Ash and Laurel will get you sorted out in part one of this most important two part series, Etiquette. As southern belles (ahem…don’t be rude) these two know a thing or two about the unspoken rules of engagement both on and off the water.

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Post Session Notes

-Jill loves the Wilmington surf vibe and she’s brand new! She gets annihilated on her first trip out with Steve from South End Surf Shop.

-Laurel brings Jill into the fold because she is a stoke magnet!

-Jill’s first surf etiquette introduction…she catches Dale’s wave, and get’s yelled at. Oh wait, not she didn’t. Dale was cool and apologized for surfing without a leash.

-Proper etiquette-Jill did the right thing. She tried to bail out of the wave.

-Proper etiquette-Laurel says you gotta get control of your board. She also tells her softie story…which includes Dale, AGAIN! Keep your voice down Dale and don’t be judging or surfing without a leash.

-Proper etiquette-Ash says don’t bum rush the dive site guys. You don’t have to be the first one in the water every time. Get in together and do a proper warm up. 15 minutes for everyone before the first dive.

Injustice of the Week: presented by Jill

-Access to quality healthcare. This is why Jill decided to start her track as a surgeon. She wants to bring the best to the least.

-Why isn’t there quality healthcare everywhere?

-Jill is taking the task seriously and personally. She’s going to go where the need takes her. If someone will donate some helicopters.

Dive Deeper

-Wave etiquette: On a wave that goes right or left you gotta call your wave or look over the shoulder.

-Traffic etiquette: Watch the honk, we’re not in Ft. Lauderdale people! Jill has noticed that traffic is quiet here and we want to keep it that way.

-Manners: The rules of 3’s. Two “no’s” then a “yes”. Jill is taking it all in.

-Speech etiquette: When can we cuss. The ladies have a split opinion about this. Laurel cusses only within her “Circle of Cussing Trust”. But teach the teenagers that it’s not ok.

-Social media etiquette: Ash is not a huge fan of social media because of it’s lack of etiquette and accountability. Laurel navigates social media but understands the etiquette nuances. Jill uses it as a scrapbook and keeps engagement moderate.

God Waters

-James 1:19

-Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry! Ahhhhh, what a reminder. Thanks Laurel!


South End Surf Shop

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