Time to hold ourselves accountable. Ash and Laurel review their old homework assignments and see where they fell short and where they pulled through. How do we get back on the horse once we get derailed? Having a buddy hold you accountable is priceless. Hear how the ladies did keeping up with their homework assignments.

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Post Session Notes

-Uh oh, Laurel is back in the water but feeling a little weak. Time to pump some iron…and what? Get a spray tan??

-Ashley complains about having put on her “winter coat”. Obviously an older recording.

-Freediving tips! Equalize your ears every day for easier, more effective diving. Other ways to improve your diving-stretch your intercostal and diaphragm muscles daily. Ash doubled her lung volume by doing these stretches.

Injustice of the Week

-Too much screen time in elementary school!

-Are we just being Gen X crumudgens and do kids really need to technology immersion or are our concerns legitimate.

-Trackpads vs the old school mouse.

-Laurel complains about our devices reducing our attention span.

-Stat: 70% of what we actually learn comes from actual interactions instead of passive observation.

Dive Deeper

-Writing assignments: Yep, Ash and Laurel submitted their contest entries and won! Laurel also submitted an article for Surfer Mag. They held each other accountable.

-Laurel talks about having coffee with a stranger and the good work her husband and her do at The Harbor.

-They both apologized to someone. Great work ladies!

-They told a mentor “thank you”, more or less.

-Saving money? Yep, they both hold back and live fairly frugally to save money for the next adventure.

-Laurel wrote Ash’s eulogy and Ash did nothing.

-They’re already living the Michael Pollen advice.

-All in all, the girls do pretty well with their homework. Laurel wins the homework completion comp!

God Waters

-Proverbs 27:17

-“As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another”

-Who keeps you sharp?


Vitamin F: Freediving Tips, Live talk featuring Ashley June 4.

The Harbor

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