Eye of the Tiger

First off, huge shout out to Shelby Hughes and Wendy Crosby for their patronage. Of course we know them, but their support still count. Ash and Laurel talk about how to keep that “Eye of the Tiger”, the laser sharp focus that keeps us engaged and helps us perform.

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Post Session Notes

-Beach is open at WB and Laurel has been surfing. But her expectations have been too high.

-Her tip this time around, go surfing early. Slip on in there before the parking ticket guy gets there (especially while parking is still under quarantine).

-Ash talks about how to visualize to keep your Eye of the Tiger. She walks us through a 100′ dive via visualizations.

-Laurel doesn’t let Ash use her Bible quote….

-Foam, Laurel’s new novel, not out yet.

Injustice of the Week: Submitted by Wendy Crosby

-Wendy is perturbed by what she considers the “herd mentality”.

-Laurel talks about “herd immunity”, something different but a good point.

-What tha?? Ash doesn’t agree with her girl Wendy.

-Individualism vs. Collectivism scale, Ash debates.

-Laurel took an antibody test for $50! Results just in….she’s antibody free.

Dive Deeper

-How to keep the high performance mind.

-Striving for the flow state. “Flow” book, linked in the resources below.

-You can experience the flow state even in assembly line work! Ash explains the process.

-Laurel gets an unexpected surprise with the flow state while folding hotel towels for two hours.

-There’s a difference between the flow state and the relaxed state.

God Waters 

-We’re in the darkness before the dawn.

-Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.

-If she wants water that satisfies and does not run out, he is that source.

-What is real life? Life in the flow is living a life connected to God. Individualism vs. Collectivism again!

-Our constant need for control keeps us out of the flow state.

-2 Corinthians 5:8


-Try Ash’s breathing exercises and see if it works. Report back on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

-Check the resources below for a cheater way into the flow state, 3D pictures.


87 meters is 285.4 feet by the way. It looks like this:

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Swedish Fish came from Sweden after all

Laurel’s worship song, “Communion”

Live Oak Church

3D images for the flow state

1 thought on “Eye of the Tiger”

  1. I’m amazed at you two and all of the interesting topics that you have on your podcast!!! It kinda’ made me think back about how I would visualize goals that I wanted to accomplish, the end result, like the therapeutic program we did for many years with Ben. We needed to help his breathing by getting him to run so he would take deeper breaths. Laurel will remember‼️ I even would have Ben watch running scenes from various movies, so he could see it in his mind’s eye, but I didn’t really know what I was doing, although it seemed to me that it would be helpful! Listening today brought back many memories. Thank you both!!!
    Ann Parke Hughes (Laurel’s mom)❤️

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