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Ashley is not a firm believer in personality tests and other such ways to categorize people but Laurel explains the benefits of using this tool to define your strengths and weaknesses. Will the ladies have compatible personality types?? Listen to find out.

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Post Session Notes

Laurel’s least favorite personality type in the water, random dude encroaching on lady surf time.  We’ll call him The Intruder.  

But Mathew McConaughey can paddle over any time.  

Ash had an awesome time diving the Florida Springs with her family. 

Evolve Freediving does corporate talks, and wants to do more.

Injustice of the Week

Personality tests.  Ash thinks they’re bunk but Laurel is all in. 

Laurel makes a discovery and exposes Ash’s inclination to cheat on personality tests.  

She also bores Ash with a Cosmo quiz, “What his pet says about him.”  

Dive Deeper

Ash describes the petal personality test from a long time ago.  

The Enneagram test:

Laurel is a 7-The Joyful Person

Ash is a 3-The Effective Person

They are a highly complimentary, high energy combination…duh!

The Meyers-Briggs test.  They took the test but never released their results.  

God Waters 

What Bible personality are you?

Ash picks Peter for Laurel.  Turns out Laurel picked Peter too. 

Ash picks John for herself.  One of the ‘Sons of Thunder’.  Laurel picks John for her too.  

These ladies are in sync.  


Take Laurels surfer quiz!

Laurel is the ‘Surfer Next Door’

Ash is ‘The Flake’

The girls are going to surf together all summer 2020.  


Evolve Freediving 

Petal personality test

Enneagram test

Meyers-Briggs test 

Laurel’s Surfer Quiz

Made Well Center for Wholeness

1 thought on “Personality Tests”

  1. So interesting about personality types!! Now I’m curious about my type!!
    Loved hearing Laurel talk about her younger brother and our life as a family working together to help him! She was such a fabulous entertainer for him, and he responded so positively to her
    You two have so much to offer in your podcast ‼️
    Thank you both for sharing of yourselves in this special way!
    Ann Parke Hughes. Laurel’s mom

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