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Well, while we’re all holed up in our homes, or boats, or whatever, why not take this opportunity to transport ourselves to happier times. Ash and Laurel talk favorites this time around. Their favorite times in the water, their favorite snacks (of course) and their favorite scriptures. Ahhhh…

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Post Session Notes
-Laurel loves to surf in a thick fog.  It’s the ultimate element of surprise. 

-Ash gushes about the feeling of flying underwater. 

Injustice of the Week
-Elf on the shelf and other Christmas jobs!

-Everything is a franchise.   Must there be so much to manage?  Must everything in the season be monetized and made commercial?

-More junk does not improve the holiday experience. 

Dive Deeper
-We’re always grateful for time in the water.  The cup overflows.

-Ashley talks about the sunrise on the ocean on a sailing passage.  Passages are the worst but the sunrises are the best. 

-The ladies digress into a short sailing tutorial. 

-Surfing road trips are Laurel’s favorite.  Big travel trips are superb but also early morning starts and hunting down the good surf. 

-Laurel is the sunset to Ashley’s sunrise. 

-Chasing the green flash.

-Another one of Ashley’s favorites, World Records.  You’re on top of the world.  But even better is having Ani in the water being a part of the action. 

-Laurel has surfed all over but her favorite surf spot is her own backyard. 

-Laurels favorite snack, homemade popcorn


Organic popcorn seeds
Air pop popcorn in the microwave in a plain paper bag.
Sautee garlic in oil and pour over.  Then add nutritional yeast.

-Ash’s favorite snack, chocolate and cheese.


Dark chocolate square (at least 70% cacao with sharp white cheddar on top.

God Waters
-Laurels favorite scripture: 1 Samuel 10:7, with awesome accompanying story. A MUST listen.

-Ashley’s favorite scripture: Eccl 7:8, her diving mantra

2 Timothy 1:8

Romans 1:20

-Find your own scripture or inspiring quote. 

-Thumb through proverbs, Psalms or Song of Solomen

The surreal art of Rob Gonsalvez

Defending the Vandenburg: A Video by Ren Chapman

Base Jumping the Blue Hole by Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier

What is a green flash?

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