Special Episode- While Covid Has Us Twiddling Our Thumbs….

Update: The first case of covid19 in Belize was confirmed the evening after this recording.

Laurel and Ash take this opportunity to record their first remote podcast episode. There is a lot Ashley is missing out on in regards to the virus and she helps Laurel can fill in some gaps. Ashley is impressed with how proactive Belize has been in regards to the virus. Airports and schools are closed. Social distancing and self imposed curfewing are currently suggested.

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Post session Notes
-Thanks Tio Tony and Kristen for dragging Laurel out for the last surf session before Wrightsville Beach closed down. She may have shut down otherwise.

-Ash and the fam are set up to dive the reefs in Belize. Belize boasts the second largest reef in the world, next to the Great Barrier Reef.

-Poor cape broke his arm aboard Jade one morning. Ash tells all…

Injustice of the Week
-Laurel, why close all beaches? Why not just impose a curfew?

-Ash, is the media making things worse?

-It’s a time if crisis, why politicize the pandemic? Not helpful!

-If you haven’t watched The Crown, now is the perfect time.

Dive Deeper
-Why is there no toilet paper in Wilmington, NC? It just doesn’t seem like critical equipment in an actual pandemic.

-Is the toilet paper shortage just a reaction to the sensationalism of the media?

-The ebbing tide is a great opportunity to get creative and grow. These tighter times allow us to be better prepared next time.

-This is a time to reset and reprioritize. Check where your identity comes from.

-Listen to Episode 5 for more on identity.

-Don’t look to yourself, look up.

-Taken originally from a devotional by Paul David Tripp, March 16, 2020.

-Psalm 4

-Lay in your own bed and ponder. Take time for silence.

-Peace and joy are not based on circumstances but on God.

-Are we dwelling now in the “cave of fear and doubt”?

-The virus is not a punishment from God.

-Laurel, don’t get the coronavirus and sneak out to the beach for a surf session.

-Ash, don’t get the coronavirus and enjoy the water.

-Ideas for kids at home, join us on Instagram.

The Crown

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