Our Obsession With Food

Who doesn’t obsess about food? Laurel and Ashley sure do! What’s good to eat before surfing or freediving and what’s absolutely NOT. They engage in a taste test, McDonald’s donut sticks vs. Laurel’s husband’s homemade zucchini tart. Most importantly, how to begin controlling uncontrollable food obsessions.

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Post Session Notes

-Nachos are a surfing gut bomb.

-Eat right the night before a performance or this may happen to you…

-Ash eats a 1/2 chicken before al big dive and blacks out.

-A little hunger keeps you sharp.

Injustice of the Week

-McDonald’s introduces donut sticks with chocolate dipping sauce for breakfast.

-Ash and Laurel do a taste test on air. Turns out the donut sticks are good but in a bad way.

-They compare the sticks to Don’s homemade zucchini tart. Even the dough is made from scratch. Soooo awesome!

-Jamie Oliver and his food revolution, how did that fail? School food is still so sad…

Dive Deeper

-People are confused about what real food is.

-Gotta shop on the outside of the grocery isle.

-Michael Pollan changed Ashley’s relationship with food with his three points (listen to hear them).

-Stop thinking about the next bite, enjoy the one you’re on.

-Eliminate distractions while you’re eating-mindfulness.

-Eating just whole foods without prep for lunch is totally an option.

Satisfy your sweet tooth by making a healthy version of what you love. Reese’s PB cups become dates stuffed with almond butter.

-What’s in the girls’ fridge right now?

God Waters

-2 Cor. 5:2&5

-Our heavenly bodies, what a relief!

-Faith allows you to smile about the future instead of looking at it with dread.


-Take Michael Pollan’s advice

-Be moderate in all things.


Ashley’s First WR-video link

Ashley’s Last WR-video link

Donut Stick Calorie Count-360 calories

Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

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