What a Healthy Lifestyle Looks Like to Us

The girls chat about body image issues and the cultural pressures of the perfect body and why that completely sucks! Also, being strong doesn’t mean you have to look like you live at the cross fit gym either. Themed around the elements of a healthy lifestyle, Laurel and Ashley discuss how this looks to the body, mind and our spiritual sides.

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Post Session Notes

-Laurel recommends practicing pop ups to prep for a surf trip and stay healthy.

-Ash prefers underwater torture, underwater tables improves efficiency.

-Forget the keto diet, try freediving for 10lbs quick.

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

-Little girls in high heels…come on people!

-Newsflash!! Low rider jeans only look good on 3% of the population.

-The ladies love high waisted pants. No more whale tail.

Dive Deeper

-Health as it relates to the body, the mind and our spiritual side.

-Laurel is sick of what culture says the perfect body looks like. She just wants to be strong.

-Don’t overlook the weight room or pull the line up yourself if you’re a freediver.

-It ain’t all about the body image yall, although most of us have struggled with this at one time or another.

-A healthier body image totally starts with some self talk. We can’t be in an abusive relationship with ourselves.

-Make health goals small.

-Self care is crucial. Engage in something that sparks your creativity to fill your tank. Or set some goals to sustain motivation.

-Sometimes, as mothers, we have to let go a little. Let Dad take over.

-Ash thinks priorities are the main adversary of a healthy lifestyle. Family, busyness, all of these things can consume you.

-Be more intentional with your time.

God Waters

-2 Corinthians 4:6,18

-What a load off!

-Why is everyone so infatuated with looking younger and living forever?

-Age gracefully and be grateful for a life well lived.

Laurel says extra wrinkles from the sun means you had fun.

-Quote from Hunter S. Thompson

-Ren gets props for editing and producing the podcast. He totally convicts us on our homework section.


-Ash has to take herself on a date. No kids, no husband. Just her!


-The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

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