How Not to Fall Overboard, in Life

Back in the freezing cold “studio” the ladies ponder what it looks like to live a life well balanced. Ashley talks about managing the safety of her children while sailing. Laurel falls back on her experiences as a foster parents and give practical tips on keeping your sanity. Hint, you don’t have to give up surfing if you have kids.

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Post Session Notes

-Can one surf too much??

-Ease up on the surf camera and the weather reports.

-The key to the pop up!

-How we keep our kids from falling overboard.

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

-The words people use to much and totally misuse. We’ll give you one…wheel house.

Dive Deeper

-How we maintain balance everyday vs. big picture.

-The Chapmans sail away to gain perspective and reduce the influences of a broken world.

-Protecting our kids but living in a bubble. There’s got to be balance.

-Design your priorities and live accordingly.

-Laurel and Don’s experiences fostering children: straight to boiling water!

-Early bedtime for kids.

-Protect your marriage from roommate-ness. Date night!

-Take turns surfing.

-Accomplishing a major goal requires full support/investment of your partner. Thanks Ren for stepping up last Spring.

-When to say “no”

God Waters

-Proverbs 3:4-6

-Trust God, not yourself.

-What “crown you with success” really means.

-Finding balance first in scripture.


-Laurel gets her face out of the screen

-Ash exercises!

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