On Location Part 2, Expect the Unexpected

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Part 2 of the “On Location” installment. The girls spend a beautiful morning recording aboard Ashley’s vintage wooden express cruiser, Hope Lee (which is for sale…hint, hint).  Laurel tells another shark story without the shark and the lawn guys start to give us the stink eye!  Ashley discusses the futility of the Cuban kook (CUC) and the ladies give some sound advice on expecting the unexpected when traveling.

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Post session Notes

-Will Laurel survive the…ahem…”shark attack”?

-Laurel talks about the La Saladita wave

-Speaking of sharks Ash talks about the sandtigers, sandbars, tigers and other sharks right in our backyard

-Why feeding the sharks isn’t that great

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

-Plastics: an injustice we can all get behind. The girls have an interesting take of the order of importance regarding plastic use.

-Straw Nazis vs the big picture: Is starting with the straw futile….starting anywhere is important

-No plastic bags in Rincon, PR! Get it together OOSA

Dive deeper

-As sailors we’re always expecting the unexpected, especially after Ren shamed Ash into realizing this

-Uh oh, lawn guy is watching

-Poor laurel was in the sewage house

-Sometimes you catch a foreign bug. Does it mean IBS for life??

-All the reasons being broke in Cuba is a terrible plan.

-What’s a kook (CUC) and why are there no eggs in Cuba anymore? And why are lobsters Illegal?

God waters 

Acts 27

-Apostle Paul: expect a shipwreck 

-Not promised an easy ride as a believer 


-What’s the next stop?

-Connect with a community 

-Where have you been and where would you like to go?



Laurel’s Doc…check it out!

1 thought on “On Location Part 2, Expect the Unexpected”

  1. As always, I loved listening, mainly because I love to hear our daughter, Laurel’s, voice!!! I enjoy Ashley and Laurel chatting about their lives, and the “God waters” is always meaningful! It was especially meaningful in Podcast 11! Now I’m looking so forward to #12!
    Ann Parke Hughes

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