On Location, Travel Light be Thrifty

The girls spend a beautiful morning recording aboard Ashley’s vintage wooden express cruiser, Hope Lee.  Laurel complains about cold water surfing, again and asks the lawn guys to pipe down!  Ashley tells her scariest sailing story and Laurel gives great advice on traveling on a budget.

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Post Session Notes

-There’s a 10 degree drop in the water temp and Laurel is NOT stoked about that surf.  

-Our surfer girl drops some knowledge regarding surf etiquette.  Spoiler alert: It all goes back to the Golden Rule.  Treat others the way you want to be treated AND don’t go straight to the peak…come on!

-Ashley talks about her scariest sail ever and why you should never sail on a tight schedule…in a new boat…with your child and an inexperienced friend.

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

-Airport etiquette

-Do NOT get your butt out of your seat until it’s your row’s turn to disembark.  Otherwise, Ash will freak out. 

-You’ll be seeing this injustice of the week topic again, and again, and again.

Dive Deeper

-Ahhhh…we love talking about travel

-Tips on how to be frugal.  Airlines to take, scheduling your trip, etc.

-Why combing work and travel is a win/win for your budget

-How to skimp to save

God Waters


-When God calls you where you don’t want to go


-What small change can you make in your life to make some extra cha ching for your travel kitty?


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