Mentors and Dolphin Farts

Ashley and Laurel pay homage to their many mentors along the way.  Laurel complains about cold water surfing and explains the dolphin fart.  Ashley reminds us that chocolate is a health food and reminisces about her friend Craig and how he got her into competitive freediving.  

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Post Session Notes

-Laurel is a big baby about suiting up for cold weather.  Instead she suffers through in a spring suit.

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

-School lunches…again!

-Why dark chocolate is NOT the same as Poptarts.

Dive Deeper

-Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!

-Ashley thanks the people that got her into diving and PFI for teaching her to be safe, dive deep and make a living doing it.  

-A special thanks to Craig Gentry!

-Ash also thanks her spiritual mentors, including Laurel.  Wait, what?

-Laurel gushes on about her many surf mentors and the unique ways they contributed to her growth and obsession with the sport.

-Dolphin Farts and the late Poco Strickland

-Of course, Tio Tony and his encouragement.  Did you know he invented the IQ Test?  Or something like that…  

God Waters

-Luke 10: 1-9

-Jesus sends out the 72

-Lambs among wolves and a semi-related story


-Thank a mentor of course!


Ashley’s WR video from Dean’s Blue Hole circa 2012

A fun video of freediving at the Blue Hole with Guillaume Nery

Watch Laurel’s surf doc, “Any Given Morning”

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