Dumb Mistakes

For everything surfing and freediving

Post Session Notes

-Laurel Hey Mr. Freshwater- “No means Go”

Uppity La Jolla lady yells at Laurel and other children

-Ashley went to DEMA and still doesn’t know what that stand for (Diving-Something-Manufactoring-Association but not       really)

-Thank God for Barf bags on the plane

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

-Unisex bathrooms and why they’re the worst!

-It’s hard to do your business with a man waiting outside- sound effects included

-The wet yucky seat!! 

Dive Deeper

-Laurel shares writer’s conference over step. What did he really say?  A hilarious yet cringe worthy story.

-Ashley throws shade on ill fated 7th grader.  She should’ve stood up to the kid! 

-The lady on the bus that freaked out Laurel and everyone else.  She should’ve hugged her.

-Ash, “The funny thing about making mistakes is that they don’t always look like mistakes anymore but bumpy roads to where I am now. Mistakes make me uniquely me and I’m uniquely resilient in thanks partly to my mistakes.

-Plus, when we look back on the way things turned out we can more clearly see how God works through our lives…BAM  

God Waters

-Luke 10: 25-37

-The Good Samaritan

-Testing Jesus is always a big mistake

-But who is my neighbor…if you don’t know, ask Mr. Rogers.


-Apologize to someone you’ve hurt or offended



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