The Time My Life Flashed Before My Eyes…or…Stress Mitigation

Post Session Notes

-Laurel saw a great white shark in the water, but it was dead, and she definitely didn’t almost die.  Oh yeah, and she wasn’t even in the water when she saw it.

-Ashley blacked out and saw Ren naked!  Channels a Jane’s Addiction concert she went to circa 2000.

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

-Still no female writers in Surfer magazine. 

-Stab takes a stab at hiring females to round out their voice.  Get pushback from women.  What tha?  

Dive Deeper

-The Pacific Ocean kicked Laurel’s butt in big fashion.

-The health benefits of hypoxia…we think

-How to turn stressful situations into relaxing ones. 

-Alpha waves? 

-Let the mind control the body, NOT the other way around.

God Waters

-Luke 9:24

-Follow me

-Kayla Meuller story


Eulogies-Laurel did Ashley’s homework

Apply for the Stab Mag job!

Have coffee with a stranger


Tedx Odense: Stig Severinsen Breatholding is the New Black

Dear and Glorious Physican by Taylor Caldwell

Freedive Cafe: Oxygen Advantage with Patrick Mckeown

Nobel Prize Press Release: Hypoxia

Hypoxia Induced Autophagy

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