How to Pick Up Chicks

Post Session Notes

Puerto Rico- it’s still there!

Laurel and Don are getting it together

Ashley is tired of talking about her ear

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

Chick bashing, why girls…why?

Frienemies, Ashley has had them

Dive Deeper

How to pick up high quality chicks, especially as we get older

For Laurel, keeping them is harder than making them

Political differences with new friends

When to just shut up

When Ashley met Wendy

Meet ladies with mutual interests

Meeting ladies at the beach!

Transformative experiences make best friends

God Waters

John 15: 14-15

Upgrading from servant to friend. 


Oswald Chambers

Mat 4: 18-21


Eulogies-Laurel did Ashley’s homework

Apply for the Stab Mag job!

Have coffee with a stranger


Gift of Going Without

Mar Azul Surf Shop

The Insanity of Obedience by Nik Ripken

Stab Magazine

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