Overcoming Obstacles

Post Session Notes

Laurel has another Holden Beach surf excursion 

-Just Paddle Out!

Ashley talks about her freediving courses and a rookie mistake she made

-Never Push Your Ears

Injustice of the Week, Week, Week

Rules of the road

Why being polite stinks

Dive Deeper


-You might hit rock bottom

-Imposter syndrome

-Failure to launch

-Humiliation…losing to a twelve year old

Swallowing vomit




God Waters

Psalm 92


Ash and Laurel: keep trucking on writing assignments and submit for edits

Peeps: Eccl 7:8, Focus on the finish.  Pick one thing to start and see it to fruition.  Or better yet, just take the next step.



The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Obstacles”

  1. Ok, you guys are making me feel good because you’re talking about stuff that’s usually just an inner dialogue for me. 2 things, well heaps of things, but 2 main things I want to comment on: 1: the posse or person and the timing of sharing a goal or (barfy)dream. That concept is so important. Love hearing it brought to light by you guys. Something for further discussion on that topic… I love finding and building those groups. How do y’all find those peeps to share that vulnerable and precious idea? And 2: could y’all consider discussing the balance of celebrating small succusses on the way to a goal/enjoying the completion of the goal (if you attain it) vs the idea of always working towards the next goal. So like, do you think you miss out or forget about awesome stuff you’ve done? Maybe it’s something like “Enjoy the Journey”. Or is the “move” to just move on… L-i-v-i-n (shirtless McConaughey, well maybe he was wearing a shirt during that one) Does that question make sense? And, like Ashley said, this is always evolving. So maybe recognizing the need for adaptation from a template that has worked for you in the past. Sounds risky!

    Anyway, if any of that ramble made sense to you guys I’d love to hear your takes. Laurel, feel free to take the red pen to the comments 🙂 -Wendy

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