Everything I Need to Know I Learned on the Water

Post Session Notes

Why Grand Prix’s rocked (but not really)

Injustice of the Week

Bashing the WB elite

Dive Deeper

The power of contentment

You are not entitled to comfort


Resilience after failure

Dealing with difficult people

God Waters

John 3:5

Baptism: Born of the water


Doing something uncomfortable: all of us


The Gift of Going Without

2 thoughts on “Everything I Need to Know I Learned on the Water”

  1. Ladies! These podcasts are getting better and better! I can relate and I’m laughing out loud. And I love laughing out loud 🙂 And to tie in with your topic… I have learned so much on the *frozen* water. Ashley may be able to recall me sharing with her some heartache and failure as I work towards my skiing goals. Listening to you guys is refreshing and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

    One more thing! This might be in reference to an earlier podcast… But, bring on the booty bathing suits! Ha! Sidenote, I once won the Carolina Beach Lifeguard fundraising bikini contest in, you guessed it, a thong bikini! 18 years old. Check the walls of The Fat Pelican down on Pleasure Island. The faded Polaroid may still be on the wall. Love you guys! And hope to surf with Laurel one day. Cheers!

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