Adventure 101


Post Session Notes-

Hurricane swell from Humberto 

Getting Sketched 

Big fat chunky waves in drifty swells. 

The injustice of the week

Lack of ladies in Surfer magazine’s list of writers and photographers. 

Diving Deeper

We love water and everything fun and worthwhile happens on the water.  

Our mutual quest for adventure and the life aquatic, at some point, turned us from merely hobbyist to extremist.  We’ve rearranged our lives to accommodate our healthy addictions. (my husband might disagree) The goal of our first episode is to help you do the same thing.  Actually, to narrow the focus a bit, we want to walk you through the procedures we used to set some pretty lofty goals and destroy them.  

The boring title for this episode is “Goal Orientation” but who would click on that?  

Adventure 101 is a better title. haha

How I sold up, and set sail. Let’s lay it all out there too.  Let’s tell them how scary it was…for my anyway.

“I bought a wetsuit 5 years before I surfed?”

Jo Picket

Had to narrow focus, super natural, 

7 Habits book, friend at shop

Concrete goal setting, white board, 4 hour work week, economy, fears

Sunrise at sail segway: reference Laurel sunrise

God Waters

Going old school this morning with some 

Ecclesiastes 11:6  “Sow your seed in the morning and do not withhold your hand in the evening, for you don’t know whether morning or evening sowing will succeed or whether both of them will be good.”

Y’all the best part of this is: it’s an invitation. God made the ground to produce whatever we planted. And we get to choose what seeds we plant. In our work, in our relationships and in the ground. Have you ever had a ripe pineapple pulled right from the plant? Holy Shiitakes it’s good! God made us so he could plant his spirit in us to give us abundant peace, joy and love. So no matter where you are, God forbid somewhere land-locked, you are a precious soul and you are fertile soil. 

Weekly Goals 

Laurel- write a Surfer article

Ash-Writing Contest entry 


Four Hour Work Week


Ashtyn Douglas-Rosa is the managing editor and writer for Surfer Magazine.  

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